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Appointments can be made by Phone at (519) 281 3468

***Please Note:  The office will be closed from Aug 1st.  Messages will be returned on Tues Aug 6th.***

***There are currently wait lists for the later appointment times.***

***Dr Burgess may be available to help — (519) 633 9333 ***

Or by Email to appts”at”  with your:

  • Name
  • Phone number  
  • Day(s) (Mon/Wed)  
  • Your Available Times between (1:30 pm – 5:45 pm)
  • Category of appt, ie. New Patient, Chiro, Visceral, Cranial, Orthotics, Returning Patient etc.
  • Click Send and you will receive a confirmation/reply by return email

Treatments are By Appointment Only and are confirmed in the order received.   Return calls are limited during treatment hours.  

The office is closed Fridays.   A  24 hr cancellation policy is in effect.

We are known to be prompt so in the rare event you do not receive a reply by the next business day — Please re-send as occasionally, technology isn’t 100% reliable.  

***Please Note:  Our office line Does Not receive texts.***