Orthotic Helpful Tips

Patients who do not have extended insurance would simply keep their receipts handy for tax time.  Expenditures can be considered under the category of “Medical” on your income tax return.  Verify with a book keeper or accountant.

For those who have extended benefits, more steps are required in order to ensure a successful insurance claims ie.  you get your benefit cheque from your respective company.

  • It is up to each individual patient to find out what steps their insurance carrier requires. 
  • We recommend all patients looking to use their extended benefits to call their company to verify that their Chiropractor is authorized to dispense their order. 
  • Full payment for the orthotics are due on the day of your casting appointment. 
  • Patients are responsible for submitting their own claim. 
  • We do not take responsibility for claims not being accepted.  

After you have called and confirmed that your Chiropractor is able to dispense your orthotics, you will most likely need to attain a medical doctor prescription for “Orthotics” next.

Then a mold / cast of the feet is done, a gait analysis and another more detailed prescription is given.  Add both prescriptions plus the “paid in full” receipt and the package is ready to be submitted.***

***The above description of events has been the most common procedure required by most insurance companies.  However your company may require different.  Please verify ahead of time to avoid disappointment with the claims process.***