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People seek Chiropractic care for numerous reasons.  Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is treatment for low back or neck pain or any ailment that is spinal in origin.  In my experience, those are the most common treatment areas.

On the other hand, there are people who come for Chiropractic care because they want to continue to feel well.  Those people include athletes and patients who have come out of a pain cycle and wish to be more preventative.

I use the analogy of a Chiropractor as being similar to a mechanic but for the spine.  We understand how things ought to be moving so when something doesn’t check out like it should, we are there to correct it.

Sometimes it is a new sport or activity that brings out the need to see a Chiropractor.  All of a sudden you realize you can’t reach as far as you thought or move the way you’d like.  It is easy to live everyday life at less than 100% capability for years and not know it.

And Chiropractic does not need to be “heavy handed” or “rough” or “scary”.  There are new techniques that will allow us to work on joints without rotation or needing much force.  Just ask and I’ll be happy to explain your options for care.