Giving Back

Giving back is a very personal thing.  If we are all able to do so in our own way, to what moves us the most, the world will be an even better place.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic to make a difference.  The most giving people I know, do so within their communities and with steady steps, over time, have accomplished things that have astonished me.   I tip my hat to all those unsung heroes living among us.

I believe people who are drawn to healthcare share a common purpose — To help reduce suffering.

One of the main reasons I moved to part time practice was because I wanted to free up time to pursue bigger projects.  It is nearly impossible to take larger chunks of time off when managing complex insurance cases so this has been a work in progress over many years.

My history with volunteering began in high school when I was rejected from being able to donate blood to the Red Cross because I didn’t weigh enough (Still don’t according to their criteria…).  I remember feeling completely dejected and vowed to help out some other way.

Thus began a long standing relationship with the Red Cross first as a blood donor clinic volunteer, call center person and finally on their board of directors when I first started practice in St Thomas.  That organization holds a special place in my heart and as most of you know, any missed appointment fees I do get, are donated to them.

I continued on with hair donations (4 times) so that free wigs could be provided for cancer patients who cannot afford them.

And for years I sponsored 3 children through Foster Parents Plan and World Vision.  My biggest regret is not making the effort go visit them in Sri Lanka, Guinea Bissau and Burkina Faso.  I now know that would have changed everything for me.

Since settling at my current location and having finally completed the last of the fine tuning of office hours, the time had come to put my money where my mouth is and to get out there to see how I can help people with far far less than we can even imagine.

In doing so, I hope to broaden views, increase empathy and gain a greater appreciation for all we have here in Canada.

Below is a short list of organizations I’ve either worked with directly and or support: