My Health Resources

My goal for this section is to share some resources*** I have found useful in my personal and patients’ quest for wellness.

I’ll start by saying Wellness is a journey, not a destination.  If only life were that simple!  As Human Beings, we are able to override things in our minds.  We can justify anything to ourselves.  We know it isn’t a great idea to smoke, drink a lot, eat donuts, be sedentary but we do some or all of those things, don’t we?

We often assume our health and body will hang on until we get to that “magical” time and place where we can make all the “right” decisions and be well.  Until then, we continue to do what feels good and tastes good and pretend it is making no impact to our insides or outsides.

I can say this because I too have been guilty of overriding what I know to be true.  We all have periods in our lives where we are too busy to care for ourselves properly.

Having dug myself out of that phase of my life, I can say without a doubt that at age 46, I’ve never been more aware of my potential nor been more resilient.  I can count on one hand the number of days I’ve missed work due to illness.  I’m not as strong as I know I could be and am working on it.

At no point will you ever hear me say “It was easy”.  Nothing to do with health is easy because more often than not, we are our own worse enemies, often underestimating just how complicated we really are.

We can deny to the nth degree and for a lot of us, if we aren’t suffering, there isn’t a whole lot of motivation to make a change.  It is simple to fool ourselves into thinking pain is the first sign something is wrong rather than the last sign — Result of chronic misguided actions.

I too still have difficult moments, days, weeks and months.  And as many of you have heard me say, the healing curve is not a straight line and neither are our health journeys.

That is OK.  As long as we don’t dip too low and go too far wide, the sum result over the year is what we are after.  That will define our health status more accurately than the days we find ourselves less than motivated.

***Consult with a certified nutritionist to determine whether a nutrient change is appropriate for your individual case.