Visceral Manipulation

Photo by Shoes on Wires

Visceral manipulation is fairly lengthy way of describing a technique that is used mostly in the abdominal area.  This technique is used in cases where adhesions and scar tissue are formed post surgery or inflammation.  It can also be applied to scar tissue elsewhere.

What makes this treatment unique lies in the organs itself.  Our abdominal organs are suspended by structures similar to a “bungee cord”.  This allows our organs to move with respect to each other when we do something as common as bending down to tie our shoes.

When the movements of our organs are restricted, symptoms that may occur can include heaviness, bloating and irritable bowels.  Surgical procedures, chronic inflammation and direct trauma are frequent causes of this.

Babies and toddlers commonly seek visceral treatment for tummy troubles, colic or constipation.  Adults have benefited from visceral care for bowel complaints as well as help for gynecological issues.

Because of the potential complexity of the case, the initial visit will determine whether this technique is appropriate before any treatment plan is suggested.