My Chiropractic Story


Photo Credit, David Niblack,

My Chiropractic story is similar to many of yours.  I had No Idea what Chiropractors did outside of what I saw in the movies which scared me.  It looked aggressive, violent and painful being twisted out like that.

When my Mother saw a chiropractor for her tennis elbow, I thought Chiropractors were not much different than Physiotherapists, only that they were called Doctors.

Fast forward a few more years to when I was in University and had a job interview at a Chiropractic clinic not far from the school.  I was hoping to get a job as a Chiropractic Health Assistant.

Wow, were my eyes opened wide.  The clinic was simple but the thing that jumped out at me was the energy of the place and people.  It felt so positive!  People were friendly, smiling, even though they may have been in pain.

During the interview, I learned enough great stuff about Chiropractic that I looked into how to become one.  At that point in time, I was in 3rd year, busy with advanced physiology labs, pharmacology and toxicology classes, learning surgical techniques as I had wanted to be either a cardio or neuro surgeon.

Mentoring with Dr Shapiro that summer changed my life.   Not only is he a fantastic person, Doctor and role model but the results he got with his non medicine approach astounded me.

Had no concept it could be so powerful.  I did not appreciate the importance of taking care of your nervous system and the bones that house that very important part of us — The spinal cord — The structure that governs all the functions of our body.

Chiropractic is so much more than just back pain or neck pain.  Removing nerve interference so that your own healing potential can be maximized was new to me, even though I had already had a solid background in the basic medical sciences.

The amount of education we have to learn in order to become Chiropractors still continue to shock a lot of people.  Along with Dentists, we are the only other ones who are trained to take and interpret x-rays.  A very important thing to know when we are dealing with joints, bones and nerves.

We certainly don’t want to be working on an area that has been compromised due to disease or trauma.  Rarely, we are the first to find some scary things on those films that no one knew existed.  Telling that to the patient and their family doctor is one of the toughest things we do.  Being able to diagnose can be both a curse and a privilege.

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