What is Wellness?


Photo Credit, David Niblack, Imagebase.net.

What does health mean to you?

For me, it means being physically confident enough to not be scared to try new things.  Being resistant enough to be rarely ill.  Being mentally tough enough not to get sidetracked by things that can take people off course.  Being emotionally sturdy enough not to get drained or immobilized by negativity.

To be vibrant, full of life and enthusiasm.  And because I live in the Real World too, to know I will be able to handle it should things go south.

Being well is not simply about being out of pain.  Far from it.

Why does using pain as the best measure of wellness leaves us falling way short?  Because there are many examples of diseases, some fatal, that are essentially painless until the day they aren’t.

At the core of what a Chiropractor does is the assessment and maximization of the brain body connection.  What does that mean?

It means we acknowledge that every single function of our body is managed by our nervous system.   Our nervous system oversees everything that goes on in our body.  From how well our organs work to how well we move.   That is why it is so devastating when we lose nerve function whether it happens at the brain or the spinal level.

In order for us to function at our optimum, we require our nervous system to be fully powered.   How we experience life and its challenges is determined by just how well we can adapt and respond.   We all know people who are constantly sick, while some of us only succumb to a cold once in a while.  The goal is to go through life with our “gas tank” reading “Full” as often as possible.

When I check the spine for areas that are “out”, I am checking for “Subluxations”.  A big word that describes an area where nerve supply is not at its fullest and is being interrupted or dampened.  When we are living “Subluxation free”, we are living with our insides powered and as strong as it can be.  And I believe it means I am as prepared as I can be for anything that comes my way.

I’m not saying that being subluxation free is going to prevent major diseases as unfortunately life isn’t that simple.  What I am saying is that it allows us to function as optimally as we can, thus giving us our best fight.  The only thing we can do is to be as powerful as we can be, inside and out.

So that is one of my key ingredients to living an optimized life.  And Chiropractors are one of the few practitioners who can actually say we “practice what we preach”.