Photo Credit, David Niblack,

St Thomas is very much a hockey, dance, soccer and running town.  Many families are involved in weekly practice sessions with their kids and many more adults have taken up sports in recent years.  It’s a great thing.  I’ve seen that trend develop over the years I’ve been practicing here.

One of the consequences worth noting are the intensity of drills and practice sessions that start at a young age.  From a mechanical perspective, this has meant more pressure on growing bones.  Some pressure is necessary to stimulate strong growth.  Too much can be damaging.  I’m seeing increased evidence of this in the form of stress fractures, concussions, joint sprains and significant bruising.   Frankly this trend scares me, as a health care practitioner.

To protect those growing joints and bones, we need to understand what balance means to someone who is still growing physically vs. someone who stopped growing a long time ago.  We need enough physical challenge to stimulate proper growth and maintain bone density but not so much that the resultant stress will haunt us as adults.

Adults generally do not have the level of flexibility compared to a child or teenager.  When we pull something it tends to take a little longer to recover from it.  Plus we have more years on our joints.  Add to it years of sitting and we have a potential recipe for some growing pains during the learning curve of any sport.

The above description is not an attempt to dissuade you from participating.  It is merely just a description of why people often feel difficulty with starting a new activity.  If we had a good understanding of how your body mechanics work, you can approach with it in mind, thus increasing your success right off the bat.  Making sure you are moving well before and during the course of a sport will ensure you get the most benefit from your chosen exercise.

The higher functioning a person is, the more frequent they will seek out the services of a Chiropractor to get checked.  This is why we work with the highest levels of athletes, who are excellent examples of peak performance.  And because they wish to stay that way, they will have a whole health care team at their disposal.   Chiropractors are the only ones who specialize in finding and correcting subluxations — Areas in the spine that impact nerve conduction.  If you want maximum mechanical function, you need maximum nerve function.

Think about your Chiropractor as your coach.  Whether you are preparing for a big race or just wanting to get back into sports again.  Our understanding of the nervous system, biomechanics and movement can help you attain your goals in an efficient manner.