Photo Credit, David Niblack,

Being born is the first major trauma all of us go through.

Don’t underestimate the amount of force placed on the head, shoulders, spine and hips of a baby who is being pushed by involuntary and voluntary contractions.  And if the baby’s head manages to hit the pelvic bone on the way out, there will likely be bruising.

When labour is drawn out after the water’s been broke, there is a lot of pressure and friction on the head and the little body as they make it way down the birth canal.  This is when we tend to see “cone” shaped heads, necks that aren’t fully straight and shoulder and hips that aren’t moving as well as they should be.

What I just described above is a “normal” birth .  What about the kids that get forceps used on them?

Forceps impart a significant amount of force on the temple areas of the skull.  That’s where they are supposed to contact.  I’ve seen babies where the clamps just missed their eye by a hair.  When you consider what is just beneath the plates of the skull (our brain), it isn’t difficult to understand the importance of getting a newborn or toddler checked.

It’s a great thing babies are flexible.  No adult could undergo that amount of pressure and make it through unscathed.  And it takes much longer to help an adult who has had previous head or mechanical trauma than a child.

The Newborn check ups I do are quite comprehensive.  Because I am trained to check more than just the spine, and have special interests in head symmetry and gut integrity, I will check all those systems to gauge how well your baby or child has coped with being introduced to the world.

And because Chiropractors know what to look for at all the major developmental landmarks, we’re able to assess for proper motion and function throughout the growth cycle.  Considering just how active kids are nowadays, it is well worth monitoring.  This is the level of care a lot of adults, myself included, never had growing up.  We know a lot more than we ever did on the importance of nervous system and mechanical integrity.  It would be a shame not to act on it.

You wouldn’t believe the number of kids I’ve seen whose behavioural issues, mental fog, concentration, headaches, frustration etc. have drastically improved when their nervous system became balanced.  To the point where they didn’t realized how different they had been and those around them can hardly believe the difference.